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Thermalright HR-05 SLI-IFX

03FAN133 A

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Thermalright cooler HR-05 SLI-IFX + PASTE for Chipset - 6 Месец гаранция

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14,00 лв

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  • Wild Fire design with increased surface area for dissipation from any 80mm fan (fan wire clips included)
  • New and improved method of retention mechanism for more sturdy and firm mount and with better motherboard compatibility.
  • Proprietary through holes on fins for effiecient ventilation
  • Soldered fins to copper base (nickel plated) to make effective contact
  • Light weight and easy installation
  • Designed to fit SLI/Crossfire systems

Technical Spec
L87xW20(Fin), W62.5(Include body)xH105mm.
L30xW30mm. (Cooper Base)


125g (heatsink only)

Recommended Fan

Any 80x80x15mm or 80x80*25mm fan

Motherboard Compatibility: Intel Pentium-4 LGA775 platform ATIRadeon Express 200IntelP35,975X, 965P, 955X, 945G, 945P, 945PL, 925X, 925XE, 915G, 915P, 865PE, 848PnVidianForce4 SLI, 680i, 590SiSSiS 656, SiS 661FX/964VIAP4M800, PT880 Ultra
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BigBruin The Thermalright HR-05 IFX SLI is a great choice for someone looking to upgrade a noisy chipset cooler, or for someone who simply wants a better performing cooler for their hot chipset. If your system has an SLI setup and the chipset is directly under a card, this is just about the perfect upgrade... BigBruin Продукт известен още и като HR 05 SLI IFX, HR05SLIIFX, HR-05SLIIFX

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Thermalright HR-05 SLI-IFX

Thermalright HR-05 SLI-IFX

Thermalright cooler HR-05 SLI-IFX + PASTE for Chipset - 6 Месец гаранция

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